Bad parenting at shows

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Re: Bad parenting at shows

Post by agpul »

Lodge keep a cardboard cutout of rolf in the back job done
If this fails I find covering yourself in ketchup and run towards the bus waving a machete and screaming like a banshee seems to do the trick, extreme I hear you say but it works

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Re: Bad parenting at shows

Post by Magic8Ball »

Dr Grub wrote:I printed a "No Entry" sign off the internet laminated it and then strung it between the opening for the two cargo doors. People can look but the message is clear!

I had to resort to this after finding children playing hide and seek in the cupboards, not great when my SO42 interior is 99% complete and original!

Dr G.
A more appropriate sign would read Any Un-authorised Entry and You will be Shot - In Fromt of your Family

Might Work ........... :wink:
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Re: Bad parenting at shows

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:lol: ha ha ya loons
Slowly slowly catchy monkey

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Re: Bad parenting at shows

Post by 55bdkombi »

I never leave my cars unlocked at car shows if I'm leaving them due to things like this

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Re: Bad parenting at shows

Post by miles »

Children follow the example their parents set.

If the parents don't have a clue........

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