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spark plug choice

Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2012 7:04 pm
by phil me up
Hi, Im running a turbo engine with cb044 heads one spark plug thread had been cross threaded so a new thread which is 14mm instead of the 12mm standard had been cut in, so I have had all the plug holes machined to 14mm thread, the old plugs fitted were
NGK-R/DPR8EA-9 one was a DR9EA So I have found some on ebay france for a motorbike BPR8 EA-9 which are the same as were fitted but with a 14mm thread
after doing some research I found this chart

So I need
P= projected insulator [the electrode sticks out further]
R= resistor type
8= heat rating 2 cold 11 hot
E= thread reach/length 19mm on mine
A= firing end construction/ mine being special design
9= wide gap 0.9mm
After doing a google search I found some on ebay France for a motorbike. I dont really understand what can happen if I put the wrong plugs in, can I do any damage to the engine
I'm also running trigger wheel ignition so no distributor & Ford EDIS control box with megajolt box
Any recommendations for a make & part number appreciated 8) Phil