009 non vacumn in a 2.0 type 4 Porsche fan conversion

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009 non vacumn in a 2.0 type 4 Porsche fan conversion

Post by Scousey12 » Thu Nov 03, 2016 4:14 pm

Hi..im reading a couple of reports that contradict one another so im asking you guys with big motors.
Ive a 2.0 type 4 with twin dual webers..my question is do I run a 009 dizzy with pertronix and non vac or a stock vac dizzy with pertronix..Vans gonna be a daily driver btw.


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Re: 009 non vacumn in a 2.0 type 4 Porsche fan conversion

Post by W-W » Sun Dec 11, 2016 8:29 pm

I've also fallen for the magazine spec sheet and had 009 dizzys on my carb engines before I went ecu. However this week I went to see a machine shop for a little work on a Motto Guzzi I am building, therefore not the usual vdub crowd.

We got discussing the crankshaft geometry as you do, and the fact that the vw crank is lower than the centre of the piston.
What I mean by this is that they were knowledgeable in engine geometry and not selling me parts.

They machine parts for drag bikes and v8 engines and we moved to discuss dizzys and the benefits of vacuum advance over mechanical.

First, race cars perform at full throttle so no vacuum available but for street cars they can use vacuum.
The view was that the engine knows what it needs and at least vacuum dizzys does not just need rpm to work.

Still can't say that the normal dizzy can help but worth a discussion.

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