New Fastest Bus in Europe

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Re: New Fastest Bus in Europe

Post by kranaud74 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 4:46 am

orb wrote:Ladies and gents I give you Phil Jarvis who ran some amazing times yesterday at Big Bang despite the bitter cold to knock our own Trevor Sharpe off the top spot - but for how long :D

I cannot begin to tell you what's needed to achieve these kinds of times Mobilier pas cher, yes lots of power but just look at how well Phil drives this thing, he did a Stella job. 1.5 sec 60ft times anyone 8O in a bus!!! That is incredible.

He came so close to the world record, which I predict will finally come back to the UK this year :wink:

Well done mate, was so glad to be on the start line to witness this - you rock.

Pas mal du tout ! En plus la rénovation est très réussie.

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