vintage speed exhaust advice please

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vintage speed exhaust advice please

Post by piran »

hi guys,
can anyone please help me with some exhaust advice before i order more bits than i need and probably the wrong bits.
i am looking to buy a vintage speed standard look side exit stainless steel exhaust which looks like the standard exhaust and have some questions please.
if anyone has one of these does it come complete with the fitting kit and everything i need to attach to heat exchangers.
i also see that there are big bore heat exchangers.....will i need them to match the exhaust or is there no benefit
the exhaust i am looking at is the up to 125bhp one.
sorry to sound daft but don't wanna buy the wrong bits or too many bits.
many thanks
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Re: vintage speed exhaust advice please

Post by type21f »

Dan that sells them is very very helpful.
I has one supplied on a turnkey and he htlped explain what I had received. ..
I have a standard side exit on Peebles..with standard heat exchangers 95bhp is fine..
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