Blown Wiper Motor???

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Blown Wiper Motor???

Post by kay1044 »

Hi guys, Just a quick one. I've got a '65 splitty panel & my wipers stopped working the other day, Apparently '65 was a funny year for the motor. When we were messing around trying to push the arms to work the motor seemed to be getting hot which says to me that the motor was still trying to work but maybe stuck... Can anyone shed some light on this??

Cheers guys

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Re: Blown Wiper Motor???

Post by beetleben »

Can't help on the technical side but as a quick solution try RainX on the windscreen. My wiper switch gets stuck on which is a pain and someone on here recommended RainX and I've driven in torrential rain and not needed to use my wipers. You wouldn't choose over wipers but may help in the meantime

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Re: Blown Wiper Motor???

Post by vwed »

Should you decide that you need to replace the motor I have what you need (assuming you have a 6 volt system):

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Re: Blown Wiper Motor???

Post by dweeb »

Had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago, the motor would speed up then slow down, mixed with bit of smoke. It turned out that the motor wasn't screwed up tightly causing a poor earth. The movement of the arms would push the motor onto the fixings causing a good earth and a decent speed but would slow down again when the arms moved back the other way. Mines a 65 as well.

Hope this makes sense

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