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Export from UK

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Does anyone have any experience of, or know someone who could help with, exporting a van from the UK to Switzerland? Everything is silly money in Switzerland, especially vintage vehicles. I’m trying to figure out if it is worth finding one in the UK, then exporting it to Switzerland. I realise there is a 7% tax and 4% duty to be paid on import, plus the fact that it would need to be original spec (in almost every detail) to enable registration here. But it’s the costs associated with getting it out of the UK, and across France to the border I need to factor in. As I have a Swiss driving licence, and don’t live in the UK, I doubt I could buy one, insure it, then drive it over myself, although I’d love to be proved wrong on that.

We’ll almost certainly be coming back to Blighty at some point, so it would return again one day.


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