CamperJam of Busfest

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CamperJam of Busfest

Post by SplitBusVanatic »

Hi guys.
Was over at Busfest last weekend.
Enjoyed it as always.
Have been 7 times now I think.

Looking for something different in 2019.

Is CamperJam a good show ?
Is it as big as Busfest or is it bigger ?
I’ve never been.
Would there be more splits than Busfest ?
I notice the last few years there has been less and less of the old girls in Malvern.
And I very was surprised how little traders with 2nd hand stuff.
I always like to trawl through old parts. Genuine if possible.

Thanks in advance

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Re: CamperJam of Busfest

Post by Iroc-2 »

Hi, we were thinking the same thing. Been to Busfest for over ten years, looking for a change.


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Re: CamperJam of Busfest

Post by Dougie »

CamperJam is heaven on earth for the T4/T5 owner. I went for the day a couple of years ago and at about 10.30 mine was the only split on the car park. Tatton Park is better with a large autojumble area, unfortunately it's only a one day show with no camping.
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David Eccles
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Re: CamperJam of Busfest

Post by David Eccles »

I suspect if you enjoy Busfest you would enjoy Camper Jam and staying for weekend at either is diff from a day visit experience ...Camper Jam has more intimacy especially in eves, as has a central area with all stuff around - Busfest is much more spread out but has a bigger VW and parts trade area and a lot of hardcore buses especially T3 syncros
both have nice SSVC camping areas as well ...
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