Red9 full set up.

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Red9 full set up.

Post by terrygreen »

Hi everyone

I am thinking of getting the full suspension set up from red9. Is there any pro’s or cons compared to creative engineering. I would like the van to be a safe as possible as I plan to drive it most weekends and my kids are already asking if they can take van to festivals which I don’t mind as I want it to be used as much as possible.I would like to hear from as many members as possible on the different possibilities out there.

Thx terry
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Re: Red9 full set up.

Post by rusty1962 »

Very pleased with mine. As a newbie to vehicle restoration the "no cutting" option appealed and everything came new.

I can't compare to any other makes though.

When I took off in France over a huge bump on a road, towing my Puck, everything landed safely and in a straight line........testament indeed.

If I had my time again, I would have everything powdercated as they had problems with the zinc coating and mine has suffered......

Ask Simon about the handbrake modification and mount the rear calipers with the cables entering from above so that they don't trap water.

Happy to have a chat with you if you me.


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Re: Red9 full set up.

Post by Stevep »

Hi! I am pleased with mine it steers and brakes like a modern car I feel much more in control and confident in modern traffic.only done 800 miles but so far good (I went for the 4 pot brakes) the lads at red9 are very helpful I had a minor brake issue and they came to my home to fix itImage🤟

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Re: Red9 full set up.

Post by W-W »

I have a complete front with 944 brakes and rear 944 arms and disks of you are interested, pm me

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