Broken wiper arm

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Broken wiper arm

Post by Apples24 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:51 pm

Just broke the wiper arm must of been fragile just cracked and broke, I see just Kampers have some for £25 plus a few quid delivery correct part? Mine are safaris, I have the spring that fell out ... -1967.html

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Re: Broken wiper arm

Post by type21f » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:17 pm

Your bus is a 66?
VW used several different wiper arms ...early ones with narrow strips.. but for the wiper arm bodies generally after 1960 they fall into two types short body as you have fitted Two screws together) and long body type (screw VW symbol screw) with a longer spring which give slightly more pressure on the window.
Made by Huff I think will check
They are made from mazac which does get weak with age and shears..
They wear round the rivet and often shear inside where the spring sits onto a small flange.
I have lots with broken bits and have tried drilling out and making good ones without success.
I try to buy long bodied..if I can find.
I did buy some NOS short and long bodied ones because the repro ones I saw were poor..
So if you can find OG ones they are often good. I had my OG ones ..stripped n painted..
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