Hasta Alaska / Kombi life series on you tube

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Hasta Alaska / Kombi life series on you tube

Post by gypsy » Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:42 pm

I've been watching this series over the past year and i've been really taken with it. Obviously staring a Brazilian VW helped, but its this travel Vlog of this guys 5 year experiment to travel from Chile to Alaska in his VW living on good vibes and the kindness of his fellow travellers, proving its the journey and not the destination. Yeah Hippy crap I know, but there is something very special about this series. Its not just another narcissist with a camera. Its so well done and after a few episodes you are in the van with him, on his adventure.
Will is a surfer from Jersey who had a dream and he achieved it. Its very inspiring.
You will want to make that big surf trip in your van, or sell the van and get something more reliable, and then make that big surf trip. This guy gets pushed to the absolute limit with breakdowns in his van. I would have pushed the thing over an Andean mountain, but he perseveres, and just when you think its all over for him, some random kindness from either the VW community or a stranger saves the day.
It has romance, danger, breathtaking scenery, and at least 11 engine rebuilds. Its worth watching just to fine out just what can go wrong mechanically with an old VW Bus.

Anyway Hasta Alaska.. start from the start and don't jump episodes. Its the perfect tonic for the winter blues.


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Re: Hasta Alaska / Kombi life series on you tube

Post by EeVeeWee » Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:59 pm

On my trip in de USA in 2014 I spotted this bus!
I had neven seen a combined split/bay window before, so was very surprised.
The guy from the video's seemed a nice guy and was surprised that I asked if I could take pictures of his bus.



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