Waxin job

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Waxin job

Post by morbidpoi »

Hi all,
Could you advise on waxing, im not talking about detailing here or polishing, baby steps first for me, i want to wash my bus then give him a wax. So i have the wax but is this best done by hand or should i get a cheap electric polisher n put a soft mop on it which i asume will save arm ache n time ? Also where he has some rust bubbles should i just spray them with a liquid wax (such as ?) as putting any pressure on the bubbles will flake them off. If there is already a thread with info a link would be great. Thanks
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Re: Waxin job

Post by Archie3781 »

Try this Collinite 845 insulator wax, buy a handful of those little yellow hand sponges, give it a good shake, a decent blob per panel, wipe on in small circles, leave to dry to a haze, buff off when dry, with a soft clean microfibre cloth.
Excellent results easily.
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