Wiper motor 211 955 111a

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Wiper motor 211 955 111a

Post by jayvanman »

I have a wiper motor that I want to put up for sale as I think it will be of use to somebody here

it number is

211 955 111a

Has SWF on the top

I believe it's a 6v

I only have a 12v battery to test it on. I think I'm right in saying it will run twice as fast but obviously I don't want to brake it.


Is it ok to just earth it and then connect it to a battery or should I connect after the fuse board on my 12v van.

also should I convert it to 12v ?

I hear it's quite simple and I'm sure I've seen instructions before in the past on how to do it.


I found this quote from BJ1 on a thread that I wanted to copy a link to but when I change page I lose the text i've written and dont fancy losing this lot again so here it is, mine is exactly the same as BJ1's pic
BJ1 wrote:Here you go. 211 955 111A 1955-64 complete with bracket and one arm. Full working order - the brushes are only slightly worn so this motor has not seen much use. I'll want £75 plus £6 postage for this one please.

Pm me for payment details etc.
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Re: Wiper motor 211 955 111a

Post by vwed »

I can confirm it is 6 volt.
Why don't you go to Wilkos and buy a cheap 6 volt household battery (they are about 65 mm square by 100mm tall with spring terminals on the top) for about £2.50 and then just connect up to the wiper motor. Saves any issues.
Alternatively bring it round to my house and I'll test it with one of my 6 volt batteries (as above) that I use for motor testing.
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