Garage advice

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Garage advice

Post by Archie3781 »

Just after some advice.
A local vw specialist has been working on my bus, when I say working I don't mean everyday all day either.
Basically after dropping the bus off, the initial inspection that day and us both agreeing what needed doing. It was another two weeks before any work began, after I'd visited various times and noticed not much had happened.
After an apology by the owner, and assurances, it's now been another two weeks.
I've taken to turning up unannounced, and recording every piece of work that had been done.
But it's taken a month to sort the engine which wasn't a rebuild, just check and tighten, and fit new shocks and top mount fittings.
Then they asked for some cash.
Which I paid.
Then things have started to slip again, new carbs delivered, told they'd fit them that day, three days later I turn up, engine not finished still.
I'm waiting and being patient, but it's now running thin.
What advice can you guys offer, which is the best direction to go in?
All advice taken.
For what it's worth, I've been in or around VW's for 25 odd years, so really no newbie, just that giving the benefit to someone who seems not to be making that much of an effort is seriously frustrating.
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Re: Garage advice

Post by caveman »

Tell them ure frustrated see what they say, if its flannel remove van from premises

purists hate it - normal people smile !!!!
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Re: Garage advice

Post by e m p i »

Take the van back as soon as possible and get it to someone that
A) you can trust
B) appreciates your business

They are mugging you off dude, that's a couple of days work at most. Personally I don't think I'd be paying them either.

Cheers, Lee.
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Re: Garage advice

Post by massivesplitproject »

it does seem to be simple tasks they have to perform, i would voice my opinions to them give them a chance to explain why. But it would have to be a good reason for me to feel satisfied in this situation. My business is a little different and everything is long term so i do not have these issues :D
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