Crows Feet question?

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Le Counte de JAYFOR
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Crows Feet question?

Post by Le Counte de JAYFOR »

If you were looking for the correct crows feet for yer bus, let’s say it’s a 57 and you can only find 58/59 crows feet. Does that really matter if the date was not correct, or even the year? As long as it had the crows feet?

What say you?
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Re: Crows Feet question?

Post by type21f »

Oh how you little you know about OCD!
Hope you are well Joe? Long time no hear or speak?

Have you read.. ... p?t=290000
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Re: Crows Feet question?

Post by Who.Me? »

If you're not bothered about the year, why care whether they're crowsfeet or not? The lug holes are hidden behind the hubcap clips anyhow. You'll be the only person to know whether they're correct :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: for your year (and month of course) or not.

I have four year & month-correct crowsfeet wheels on my single cab. It doesn't bother me that the fifth wheel is later.


No; really.

Not at all.

:shaking: :lol:
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Re: Crows Feet question?

Post by 54 OVAL »

Ok ok get the point. Was only thinking long term if I ever sold it and you get some “GURU” pointing out that it wasn’t correct, would it of been advisable to get them now as I’m sure they will go up in price in the future.

Points taken. Will check the link out G

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