Devon Shaving Mirror

On the 1956, 57 & 58 mk1 mk11 Devon Caravette models the Dudley hourglass cooker was mounted in the curved cupboard and the lid from the cooker was detachable. This allowed the lid to be mounted on brackets above the cooker as a shelf.

In 1959 the cooker was moved to be carried in a Cargo door mounted cupboard and the curved cupboard was hinged and the lid could held open. With this change a mirror was added under the gas light.

This was attached to the rear upright face of the clothes cupboard above curved cooker cupboard in line with the rear seat on the passenger side on RHD/ LHD. Mirrors were also attached to the inside face of one of the opening doors of the early tall front cupboard.

A variation of a fixed internal mirror was fitted to the upper flap of the bathroom unit on the 64 Caravette. Devon introduced the removable shaving mirror around the time the washing up bowl flap on the rear cargo door became a feature. At this time a flush mount fitting was added inside at the rear passenger side for internal mounting and one attached centrally to the rear cargo door just below the window. The mirror could be moved from inside and hung on the cargo door location for shaving! Said to be two/ three variations of moveable mirrors.

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