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Insurance Valuations

Please call the valuation telephone number between 7-9pm - this is in Split Screen Scene on the Committee Contact page.

Most Insurers these days require some kind of proof of value, especially when you try and tell them your 40 year old vehicle is worth more than a few hundred quid!

Some are happy with a description and a few photos, but often they require some kind of official valuation – which is where we come in. We have a team of volunteers who can examine your van and produce a valuation based on a near 70-point inspection.

Steve Saunders, who runs the Van Register, set the scheme up many moons ago and has refined the scheme over the years to produce a system with which it is fairly easy to produce and accurate valuation. The scheme is constantly under review by the committee.


The inspection covers the following categories, and takes in the region of an hour.


We mark each item on a scale of excellent/very good/good/average/below average/poor which relate to points. We also take into account accessories and other points of interest and history.

The value cannot be given on the spot as there is an amount of calculation to be done after the event so it is usually mailed out. The points from the form are added up and multiplied by a master value which related to the different models, from Commercials to Deluxes.

Once we have a value out, we then mail this out to the "customer", keeping a master record for the club.

We prefer if you can take you van to the nearest valuer, but this can be sorted out at the time between the Coordinator and the Member and Valuer.

The standard cost is now £20 ( from 01/01/11), plus travel costs if applicable (plus discretionary tea and biscuits). We don't usually do valuations at shows as everyone is too busy doing other things.

We have fairly good coverage around the centre of the country, but there are some gaps in coverage, e.g. London and the South East, Devon/Dorset/Somerset, North and West Wales, and the only volunteer north of Lancaster is in the Edinburgh area.

It’s a shame as some of these gaps are also where there must be the highest concentrations of Van owners.

Volunteers are always welcome. You don’t need to be some kind of all-knowing guru, just have reasonable knowledge of Splits and common sense – oh and you can’t value your own!

We provide informal training when we can get people together and usually look to do some over the Stanford Hall weekend if you are interested - just drop me a line to the email address below.

We would be looking to go over a couple of Vans in groups with the forms – just so people get an idea of what you can mark as Excellent and what should be marked as Very Good, for example. Then we will let you loose with a form and a van and see what you come back with! As long as you don’t manage to value a rustbucket at concours money then you should be OK.


Mike Rutherford


Below is a list of insurers you may want to try. Let me know if you can recommend any others: